Salomon Soft Flask 500ml 170z W


Quick Facts:
Weight: 40g

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A soft flask explicitly designed for women.

Designed to fit in the Advanced Skin pack for women, the SOFT FLASK 500ml/17oz W has a unique shape and the same shrink-as-you-drink convenience as all Salomon soft flasks. Benefit ease of use: The integrated straw puts hydration at your immediate access. Water level management: With shrink-as-you-drink comfort, you´ll always know how much water you have left. Easy to clean: All the parts are dishwasher safe.

Pinch weld construction.
PVC, bisphenol-A free.
FDA-approved polyurethane.

Straw: 12 cm straw, extends from a soft flask and enables fast access to hydration.
HYDRATION: Pinch-weld construction,

PVC, bisphenol – A free, Rocket valve, Straw.

Composition: Back body:100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane.