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Weight: 76g
Condition: Warm

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For sprints, explosive movements and anything high bounce-risk. The Performance Bra is made for high-impact support.

Single-piece construction supports each breast, all the way around. With no clamping, wires, or irritating seams. So, whether you’re doing sprints, changing direction quickly, or tackling a HIIT workout, it’s got you covered. So you can get into it.

Fact: when you get into a workout, you sweat. So, we’ve used technical fabric throughout the Performance Bra to wick sweat away from your skin as fast as possible. And, at the back, we’ve added a full mesh panel to let the heat out, and dry in a super-quick time.

Designed to keep you covered and confident to get into your workout, whether you choose to wear it on its own, or with a layer over top. Light padding keeps your nipples under wraps, and the high neckline is not only on-trend but provides cleavage coverage and extra support for a vertical bounce.


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Cobalt | Blue