Cloudventure Peak 3 – Men


On’s lightest trail running shoe for men. Delivers traction on fast technical trails. Offers maximum agility and extra explosive take-offs.

BEST FOR: Trail Running, Trail Racing, Changing weather

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Want to leave your mark on the trails? Meet the Cloudventure Peak 3. Created with the help of elite athletes, the shoe is quicker and more agile than ever. To get you to the top faster, we re-engineered its Missiongrip™ technology and rearranged its outsole pattern. A single-layer mesh upper keeps the weight down, so you can perform. Now, more than ever, this third-gen trailblazer is ready to go.

A Winning Combination

We partnered with our top athletes to create a shoe that’s ready to compete. To provide maximum agility and the most powerful take-offs, we redesigned it to be closer to the ground. A more precise fit and increased ground feedback make for the most enjoyable ride across the outdoors yet.

Engineered for Speed

Have you ever run so fast that the outdoors seemed to blur? Well, now’s your chance. This is the fastest trail running shoe in our collection. Featuring a two-finger Speedboard® made of 30% carbon and injected TPU, it creates the perfect balance between agility and stability on uneven ground.

Traction at Every Angle

The outdoors can be unpredictable, so we reworked the shoe’s outsole to keep you one step ahead. Improved Missiongrip™ rubber provides premium grip, while a reimagined lug pattern helps you brake on technical terrain. With traction you can trust, nothing will keep you from reaching the top.

QUICK FACTS: Weight – 230g  | Heel-Toe-Drop – 4mm

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